Wootton Automotive Ltd (WA) exclusively represents INEOS Automotive in Kenya. Together we present the world’s newest 4X4 utility vehicles to the African continent.

Combining rugged British spirit and design with German engineering rigour, the INEOS Grenadier is a truly uncompromising 4X4 built from the ground up. Engineered to overcome all conditions, it provides best-in-class off road capability, durability, and reliability all whilst offering superb on-road drivability and day to day comfort. 

About Wootton Automotive

Wootton Automotive Ltd (WA) was created to exclusively represent INEOS Automotive in Kenya. While the name may be new, the players are not. For numerous years Jack Wootton, the MD of Wootton Automotive served as the General Manager of Repelectric, an electro-mechanical engineering company and commercial refrigeration wholesaler, based in Nairobi.

It was Jack’s experience in the field of engineering that first drew him to the INEOS Grenadier. As a keen off-road enthusiast and local Kenyan businessman, he immediately saw the appeal of a purpose-built 4×4 in the region. He approached INEOS Automotive about partnering in Kenya, and Wootton Automotive was born.

Why this partnership works

Wootton Automotive and INEOS Automotive are not ‘traditional’ automotive companies. Both are engineering firms at heart, which means their approach starts with function, quality, and a realistic approach when it comes to off-road vehicles.

For this reason, the INEOS Grenadier is perfectly suited for driving conditions across Africa, and Wootton Automotive is the perfect distribution partner in Kenya. It’s a fresh and transparent approach in bringing a new vehicle to market, which is precisely what customers in this segment want.

Where is WA based?

Both our showroom and purpose-built service centre are located at the Karen Green Complex on Langata Road, opposite Hillcrest School.

How to buy


How can I see a Grenadier in Kenya?

Demo Station Wagons are in Kenya! Please contact us to experience the Grenadier first-hand. A demo Quartermaster is expected in May 2024, orders now open.

How much is the Grenadier in Kenya?

To learn about different purchasing options and to view current pricing information, please visit our How to Buy page.

What is the warranty of a Grenadier sold in Kenya?

All new Grenadiers sold by WA are backed up by a 5-year1 manufacturer’s warranty.

Is the Grenadier suitable for the quality of fuel supplied in East Africa?

Yes. All Grenadiers sold by WA are “African Specification Vehicles” factory adapted to ensure suitability to the varying quality and relatively high sulphur content fuel supplied across our region. Most notably the differences include but are not limited to; shorter steel front bumper, omission of diesel “Ad-blue” systems and the installation of additional fuel filtration and water detection systems.

Do Grenadiers sold in Kenya comply with any emissions standards?

Yes, both the Petrol & Diesel Grenadiers sold by WA meet “Euro 4” emissions standards.


1 Capped at 100,000Km

Contact us

Please contact WA to order your INEOS Grenadier in Kenya

Tel: +254 (0)723 641 633

Email: info@wa.co.ke

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